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Adjustable Eyebrow Stamp

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Perfect and symmetrical eyebrows, while avoiding spending hours working on them, thanks to the Adjustable QuickBrows™ Stamp it is now possible!

Thanks to its adjustable shape it allows to quickly and easily draw the eyebrows to have a voluptuous and glamorous look as well as an effect that will give a greater density to the eyebrows.



Goodbye to thin eyebrows without structure!

✅ Adjustable shapes for all eyebrows

✅ Long-lasting and waterproof effect

✅ Easy to remove with make-up remover

✅ Easy and effective application

✅ Perfect for all types of eyebrows

No more time wasted on makeup



✔ Incomparable Resistance: Stay beautiful in all circumstances, even in the most extreme situations such as sports or under the rain.

✔ Can be adapted to All Types of Eyebrows:  : Suitable for all eyebrows whether they are thick, thin, brown, red, blond or black. The different kind of shapes fits any eyebrow.

✔ Natural and Long-lasting Effect : Its waterproof, anti-stain, durable and resistant qualities are particularly appreciated.

✔ Easy and quick to use: In a few seconds the eyebrow is perfectly shaped. It's also possible to make some touch-ups with the brush supplied with the make-up palette.  



First step: Take out the eyebrow pad, press on the eyebrow powder. Smooth the powder over the pad to make it completely powdered.

Second step: Adjust the location of the pad to your eyebrow, then gently apply the pad to the end of your eyebrow.

Third step: After printing the eyebrow, you can use an eyebrow pencil to strengthen the contour of the desired shape.


Light Grey - Black: Suitable for a grey or black eyebrow colour

Blond - Dark Blond: Suitable for blond or partially blond eyebrow colour

Light Mole - Dark Mole: Suitable for brown or black eyebrow colour

Light Brown - Dark Brown: Suitable for a brown eyebrow colour

Light Red Brown - Coffee Brown: Suitable for red or reddish-brown eyebrow colour


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